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The London borough of Camden, located cosily in Central North London is one of the boroughs in London that extends its boundaries from West End to Hampstead Heath. The density of population in the borough varies according to area to area with a more sparse population around the urban villages of Hampstead and Highgates and concentration in the areas of Regent’s Park, Kings’ Cross and St. Pancras and the commercial hub of Holborn and Euston.

The borough includes various areas of St. Pancras, King’s Cross and Euston mainline station, British library and museum, extensive parts of London University and other numerous medical and educational institutions. Camden cultural heritage can be judged by its 30 conservation areas and 5,600 listed (Grade I and Grade II) buildings.

The rich and the middle class society live in diverse surroundings with housings neighboring each other. While there are lands that have expensive properties built on them, consequently there is lack of suitable locations on which social housing at affordable rates could be constructed. As such in current situation, the demand for housing tenures for such types of constructions exceeds its supply.

Camden’s population if to be characterized can be done so by the number of ‘visitors’ and the number of actual ‘residents’. Camden is not so much populated by local residents but the flurry is due to tourists, students who come for various reasons increasing the number of day commuters in the borough.

Camden’s economy has grown twice that of UK’s economic growth. With a 16% growth over the last ten years compared to 8% of UK, it is impressive. It has the second largest number of registered businesses in London.

The Camden Council knows the importance of proper accommodation considering the fact that Camden is the third largest economy in London and seventh largest in UK. Businesses are concentrated popularly in areas such as higher education, legal section, business service sector, hotel and tourism sector, retail, media and leisure sector.

If measured up to England’s contribution to national economy then Camden’s performance in term of GVA, employment and population growth is much better than its contemporaries. Camden’s residents earn and employ more than other businesses in London or UK.

Camden resident’s standard of living is much better considering their businesses, quality of education, leisure activities and contribution for a better environment in general.

Some facts about Camden’s Economic growth:

  • Camden employs approximately 259,303 people.
  • 1/3rd jobs include business or professional services, and remaining in public sector.
  • 53.89% jobs in Camden are classified under ‘Knowledge driven sectors’.
  • Between 1991 and 2002 Camden created 56,970 new jobs.
  • This increased the employment rate by 28.2%
  • Population growth rate in Camden is 7th largest among all other boroughs.
  • The London borough of Camden has an employment rate of 5.7%.
  • 47% of Camden residents were qualified with a degree or higher compared to 20% in England.