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Parks and Open Spaces

Camden has over 70 parks and open public spaces where one can enjoy outside activities or simply have a rare, quiet moment with children and families. These heritage parks have been around for a very long time, thus giving the area a lovely, old-world feeling.

The public parks, recreational areas and open spaces of Camden offer a surprising amount of facilities for visitors. Parks such as Russell Square and Bloomsbury Square designed and landscaped by well-known architect Humphrey Repton are a favourite among families for its woodlands, bushes and grass fields.

Then there are private parks, which are now made open to visitors. These parks come with a personal touch from their owners and good examples of such spaces are Waterlow Park and Leighton Crescent Gardens.

Some visitors have a deep interest in local history and good way to explore this is by visiting a heritage burial ground. St Pancras Gardens and Hampstead Cemetery can tell you stories about the Victorian Era if you have the inkling for it.

One of the most famous parks in Camden is Regent's Park, known because it is a member of the Royal Parks family. The park is located partly in Camden. It offers excellent sports facilities, an open-air theatre, a rose garden and more than 100 species of wild birds as well as containing London Zoo within its boundaries.

All of the above parks are allotted for events and provide all the necessary services for outdoor activities.

If you want to know more about the Parks and Open Spaces in Camden, please contact:

Address: Acting Head of Parks and Open Spaces, 7th Floor, Camden Town Hall Extension,
Argyle Street, London, WC1H 8EQ, United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 20 79741693

Sports and Fitness

Camden has some excellent opportunities for sports and fitness lovers. Be it outdoor gyms or sports facilities in parks, there is something to suit everyone. If you are a newbie, start with the coaching sessions, there are also separate activities for elderly people. Local clubs and teams along with the Council are always there to help you.

Outdoor Gyms ( Visit Site )

One of the innovative and inspiring ways of exercising is enrolling in an outdoor gym. The equipment is similar to an indoor gym but is altered and designed to suit outdoor purposes. Your age and level of fitness does not matter during your session at the outdoor gym. Moreover, breathing fresh air is an advantage to your body.

If you want to know more about Outdoor Gyms in Camden, please contact:

Address: Sports Officer, Sport and Physical Activity Section, 7th Floor,
Camden Town Hall Extension, Argyle Street, WC1H 8EQ, United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 20 79741542

Shape Up Lifestyle Programme ( Visit Site )

Shape Up is a free lifestyle program especially for those who want to control/lower their weight or are facing any health problems. Anyone over the age of 18 and with a BMI of 25+ can attend the sessions. You can buy the Shape Up manual (optional) at the Camden Library. Eight sessions of Shape Up will help you control weight gain, maintain weight, provide you with a dietary pattern, increase metabolism and activeness, reduce stress and keep a positive outlook on life.

Address: Weight Concern, 1-19 Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7HB, United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 20 76791853

Shopping in Camden

Camden Markets ( Visit Site )

Camden, the fourth most popular tourist destination in London, pulls in many tourists to its retail markets, collectively known as Camden Markets. It is obvious why visitors and locals go treasure hunting at the Camden Markets - to set themselves free from societal rules and buy something that defies mainstream commercial fashion. Shopping in Camden is all about discovering alternative fashion and services inspired by the culture. The Camden Lock Market, Camden Stables Market, Camden Canal Market, Camden Buck Street Market, Inverness Street Market, Electric Ballroom fashion market and the Main Streets of Camden all come together to offer consumers the largest vibrant street market in the UK. Shopping here means feasting eyes on a variety of designer clothes, alternative vintage clothing, accessories, artefacts, handicrafts, jewellery and good food and wine. Also, to shop here, you must be a king at the fine art of haggling. Roam around in the markets and hopefully you will find a few good deals along the way.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Horst Michael Lechner